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February 14, 2016 


1:00 pm

Case Study: Genealogy of Renee Kaufman


Dr. Stephen Morse  

This lecture presents a case study using the One-Step Webpages as well as other websites to develop a family history. It illustrates how, with a minimal amount of initial information, an entire genealogy can be obtained. It also shows how to obtain records in spite of name misspellings, and how to avoid accepting wrong information. 

Born and raised in New York, Stephen Morse developed a strong interest in math and electricity. Dr. Morse went on to earn undergraduate, masters and a doctoral degree in electrical engineering, spending his career working in computer science. Dr. Morse is also a well-respected genealogist with expertise in many areas of genealogical research and related fields. He created the invaluable website for genealogists — One Step Webpages: — and has spoken to numerous organizations about many aspects of genealogy.

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