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April 13, 2014


1:00 PM

Silent Travelers: Prejudices Revealed by Diseases Attributed to Immigrants to the Goldene Medina.


Dr. Stephen Baird

This talk will examine how various American epidemics in the 18th to early 20th century were thought to be caused by immigrants such as the Irish, Italians, Jews, and Chinese.  We will discuss how these ideas arose, what the true facts were, and how assimilation eventually and gradually removed these immigrants from suspicion as causative agents in disease.

Dr. Stephen Baird graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Biology and Stanford University School of Medicine. He is an Emeritus Professor of Clinical Pathology at UCSD School of Medicine. He received the highly respected Distinguished Teaching Award from the University’s Academic Senate, the UCSD Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching, as well as three UCSD Medical School Kaiser Teaching Awards.. He has also spent a good deal of time studying creation stories, Biblical and modern (evolution), as well as the genetics of human diseases and the genetic variations found in all modern human beings. His interests in genealogy relate to how family trees could be used to study inheritance of various traits, both normal and disease processes. Based on his love of music and science he has written many scientific folk songs, now performed on CD.

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